I often imagine myself as a giant mouth who wants to touch, kiss, feel. When I open my eyes and look around me, I see sensual beings who want to grow, to communicate, to seduce and be seduced, to live and to reproduce. They live in a vessel, an envelope of memories. It becomes a place for visible and invisible things to happen. Water, sun, and wind model it just like fear, pain, joy or love. A quiet monologue emerges slowly, and soon it is difficult to decide whether the voice comes from the outside or from within. Leaving the old skin behind, I wonder what shape this new body will have ?




2014   Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major : Studio Arts, Concordia University, Montreal, QC

2009   Preparatory Course at LADMMI (Les Ateliers de Danse Moderne de Montréal), QC

2007   DEC : Contemporary Dance, Cégep de Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC


Selected Group Exhibitions

2017     (Coming) The Garden of Speculation, group show, Articule, Montreal, QC

2016     Nature Loves Dots, two artists show, Casino Artspace, Hamilton, ON

2015     Consumed, group show, Slide Room Gallery, Victoria, BC

2015     The Ministry of Information, group show, CK2 Gallery, Montreal, QC

2015     Luminous Bodies Residency, group show, Artscape, on Toronto’s Island, ON

2015     En duo with Claudia Burneo, two artists show, Casa del Popolo, Montreal, QC

2014     Drawing exhibition, Island Frequencies, festival Suoni per il Popolo, Montreal, QC

2014     Video screening of Vanitas, Gala AVVA, Sala Rosa, Montreal, QC

2014     Video screening of New Born, Vidéo Lock, Gallery Lock, Montreal, QC

2013     Turn on a Dime, performance by collective The Beaux-Enfants for Nuit Blanche, Citizen Vintage,

Montreal, QC

2013   Alea, exposition IMCA499, Grover Building, Montreal, QC

2013    Video screening of All I Want, Les Beaux-Enfants Collective, Armatta gallery, Montreal, QC

2012    Video screening of Vanitas, IMCA fundraiser, The Plant, Montreal, QC

2009    En duo with Brigitte Baillargeon, Casa Obscura, Montreal, QC



2017     (Coming) Casa Na Ilha Residency, IlhaBela, Brazil

2015     Luminous Bodies Residency, Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto, ON


 Grants and Awards

2015   Young Volunteers Grant, Emploi-Québec, Montreal

2014    FASA Special Grant, Concordia University, Montreal

2013   FASA Special Grant, Concordia University, Montreal